The Coinmarketcap creator

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The Coinmarketcap creator

Brandon Chaz is a 33-year-old US programmer, and the founder of Coinmarketcap, the biggest on-line cryptocurrency aggregator . This site consolidates information from all exchanges and based on these statistics determines the cost of the cryptocurrency. Users can study simple tips about cryptocurrencies: assets, cost, variety of circulating coins, trading volume in 24 hours, percent of fee trade per hour, 24 hours, and per anniversary. The name of Brandon Chez is associated with the largest crash within the cryptocurrency market in heritage. On January 8, 2018, just about all cryptocurrencies fell in price via 15 percent or greater, and the market capitalization diminished with the aid of $one hundred,000,000,000.

Chez became figured as the wrongdoer; it turns out that on February 7, his Coinmarketcap afar records from South Korean exchanges unexpectedly, the fees of which can be constantly aloft the realm standard, and appropriately, the value of bitcoin fell, pulling down the entire other cryptocurrencies together with it.

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