The Litecoin creator

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The Litecoin creator

Charlie Lee is a proficient programmer and computing device scientist from japan, an iconic figure within the crypto trade, and the architect of the third cryptocurrency in heritage: Litecoin. earlier than Litecoin, Lee labored as a developer for Google. He learned about blockchain in 2011 using studying a piece of writing on bitcoin . The ingenious technology turned into extremely exciting to him, and he instantly bought one bitcoin for $30. In that same 12 months, in October 2011, Lee created the commence supply cryptographic agreement Litecoin, an aboriginal bitcoin aftereffect of Altcoin, and additionally obtained a job on the greatest Coinbase exchange. In the summer of 2017, Charlie Lee larboard Coinbase and fully concentrated on developing Litecoin. The main aim of Litecoin is payments on the cyber web. Additionally, like Ethereum, on Litecoin’s blockchain builders can create their applications.

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