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Alex Reinhardt is a consecutive administrator and project investor from Germany. Alex is the founder of more than 10 tasks within the IT and fintech industries with a total capitalization of over €200 million. In 1996, when Alex was 15 years ancient, his family unit emigrated to Germany and lived on sociable safety advantages for the first few years. Not one of the family knew German, so that they confronted abounding challenges, have been dwelling duke to mouth, and facing a difficult future. It becomes Reinhardt who pulled the household up by using the bootstraps and acclimated his allure to help him to actively be trained to speak the German accent. The relaxation, as they say, is history, and with the aid of the 11th brand, in 1998, Alex had amorphous to acquire thousands of marks through selling products to German pension dollars. Between 2002 and 2013, he changed into worried in attracting investments in the open-United States of America and young companies, and in only over 10 years he’d aloft more than €500,000,000 for them. In 2015, he survived the betrayal of partners who had comfortably bankrupted his company. massive bills and the need to pay bills grew to be a call to motion, so through the use of all his adventure and innate ability as a salesman, as well as his superb adventure in crypto trading, Alex launched his most successful venture to date — PLATINCOIN.

PLATINCOIN is a worldwide cryptosystem that includes more than 10 high-tech products and capabilities. The viewers of the enterprise’s product audience are more than 500,000 people all over, and each day there are more and more users. The leading intention of all PLATINCOIN items is to accomplish cryptocurrencies attainable to each consumer on earth and provides individuals an easy tool to enter the monetary market, which these days are more than 2 billion people are deprived of.

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